Prayer for Fruitfulness and Productivity

First and foremost, we would like to thank You for reminding us of our worth and that each of us has something to contribute in this world. Thank you also for reminding us our mission and the purpose You have for us and as we reflect upon the lyrics of the given praise and worship song, we pray that You will empower us to make the most of our worth and to use it all to serve You and be a blessing to others. We pray that You will fill our empty tanks with our love that we can give and that we will be their sources of healing when they are in pain. We pray that we will improve your given gifts and talents to us wholeheartedly knowing that we will use them for Your glory and for good causes. And finally, we pray that You will empower us to give what is best and not what is left, and that we will further be empowered to fulfill the purpose that You have for each of us. With these Lord, please hear our prayers.

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Prayer in tribute to Las Vegas massive shooting

We continuously lift up to you Lord our personal intentions for the victims of Las Vegas massive shooting, their families and friends. We pray for the repose of the departed souls, for the comfort of their loved ones reassuring them that the victims are now living in peace at Your Kingdom and are already in Your hands. We pray for the healing of the ones devastated by the incident as well as for their inner peace of mind, and also for cleansing the soul of the suspect, for You alone are able to forgive her, which, we admit, as humans, are simply unable to commit to due to this heavy situation. We equally pray for the residents and visitors of Las Vegas, as well as to the aspiring ones. And finally, we pray for world peace, for cleansing the minds, hearts and souls of each and every human, and that crimes and incidents such as the shooting will never happen again or at least be attenuated. May you create this world a safe environment to live in and may you educate all of us to take responsibilities of our own actions, to be more considerate of our surroundings, to do what is right and just and to know our limits, and to inspire us to be the bearers of kindness and peace. With these Lord, please hear our prayers.


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What it means to forgive: A Reflection Upon Today’s Homily as of September 17, 2017

Hearing about forgiveness is nothing new to me, having served in church communities for more than three years. The priest preached during mass that we should forgive people who have hurt us as God would forgive us for our sins that hurt Him and Jesus would forgive the Jews who have beaten him up with thorns. “No one is perfect,” says the priest, “for there will be conflicts in whichever place you go to. Conflicts are inevitable but forgiveness puts harmony back to its place.”

The purpose of forgiveness is to also let go of the grudge that poisons our soul. The act of forgiving will make our lives more peaceful and before starting with a short prayer, these are three ways to forgive a person, which I have learned in my past church community.

1. Admit that you have sinned and guilt in your heart.

In other words, admit your accountability in a situation and forgive yourself for doing wrong.

2. Open your heart for forgiveness.

Decide that you will forgive this person no matter how much he or she has hurt you. In doing so, you will be able to forgive and be in peaceful terms with him or her that will help you move forward at ease.

3. Pray.

Ask for God’s help to fill your tank with love, which you will be able to give to others including the person who persecuted you. Ask for his healing and guidance in forgiving.

Lord, we pray that you will fill our tanks with your love so that we will be able to share your love to others without boundaries and conditions. Help us deal with conflicts in the most possible proper way and at the foremost, to forgive those who have hurt us. Help us to become like Jesus and to accept people unconditionally. Please also help us assimilate your words on forgiveness and learn more about its benefits. All these we ask in Jesus’s name. AMEN.

“So now I am giving you a new commandment. Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” – John 13:34-35

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Unity, Diversity and Fraternal Correction: A Reflection Upon Today’s Homily as of September 10, 2017

“I am praying not only for these disciples but also for all who will ever believe in me through their message. I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one – as you are in me, Father, and I am in you. And may they be in us so that the world will believe you sent me. I have given them the glory you gave me, so they may be one as we are one. I am in them and you are in me. May they experience such perfect unity that the world will know that you sent me and that you love them as much as you love me.” – John 17: 20-23 (NLT)

Diversity turns our world into a salad bowl. A bowl comprising of a variety of vegetables, condiments and other ingredients incorporated into one salad mixture describes a picture of the diverse world, filled with all sorts of living things that include human beings who live under different cultures and upbringings leading them to have differences in the ways they think and act, in the choice of words and tone of voice when they speak, and in perspectives that bring them to have different opinions, views and perspectives on life and experiences. Each human is designed differently according to God’s vision of the world and mission for each individual to fulfill His vision. Our uniqueness is created for us to contribute positively in the society we live in (e.g. sharing our God given talents in arts, music, etc..) as God expects us to do.

There are times when embracing and taking pride of our own uniqueness are going far from His expectations. Differences sometimes lead to misunderstandings, escalating later into conflicts if left unresolved. Conflicts usually arise when two or more parties let their misunderstandings take their toll and according to God’s Word, the best way to resolve them is through proper confrontation, wherein two parties would have a heart-to-heart talk in private and discuss their negative feelings towards one another using a neutral tone (“I feel that…”, “I would appreciate it if..”). Keeping the negative feelings and problems to oneself, gossiping to other peers and letting negative emotions control a person to the point that he or she would directly say hurtful words, use physical violence (e.g. punching, pulling of hair, slapping..) and yell at the pinpoint person would not all solve the conflict but on the contrary, would worsen it until the relationship of the two parties ends.

The next step to settling disputes is to compromise especially when discussions turn into an intense heated debate. Compromise shows that both parties value their relationship with one another more than their respective egos, and leads to forgiveness and moving forward more easily than a never-ending conflict and broken relationship would. Last but not the least, the ultimate solution to ending conflicts is to pray. God will provide us His own ways to solve conflicts that He expects us to make our own, restore ruined relationships, heal brokenness, and open our hearts to forgiveness and moving forward in peace.

Lord, please forgive us for not being conscious of our own words and actions that can hurt other people. Please forgive us for letting our negative thoughts and emotions influence our sinfulness and for failing to forgive others who hurt us. We pray that when conflicts happen, we will be able to discuss and solve them tactfully by using kind words and without acts of physical and verbal violence, and that we will take responsibility of our own thoughts, words and deeds. Please help us to resist the temptation to share our problems to anyone who is not involved in the fight and instead, to direct us to a trusted person whom we can share our problems to and who can provide us proper solutions to solve disputes. And finally, we would like to ask you to fill our hearts with love and to heal our brokenness so that we can let go of our grudges, forgive people who have hurt us and move on peacefully in our respective lives. All these we ask in your son Jesus’s name. AMEN. 

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“Love yourself and take charge of your life.” A prayer of healing inspired from The Feast Taboo Series

Lord, we would like to lift up the following intentions as we take our moment of silence.

First and foremost, we would like to pray for the healing of our brokenness. We pray that you will heal our hurts and fill our empty hearts with your love, for us to love ourselves enough to rise above painful situations and not to let them take a toll on us. We pray that we will be able to walk away from them and to assure ourselves that doing so will leave room for better things, and that we will use these unfortunate experiences as our inspiration to heal others facing the same situation through empathy, understanding and offered prayers. We pray that we will be able to experience joy from grief, to live life to the fullest and to forgive those who have hurt and persecuted us as to let go of our inner grudges that poisons us and to move forward in peace. We equally pray for our persecutors (abusers, manipulators, bullies, toxic and difficult people) including ourselves as we have persecuted others in some point of our lives. We pray for the healing of our hearts and souls, and for us to become a better person to improve our relationships with our loved ones and people in our community, for we know that you created all of us as kind individuals and we understand that we might have gone through situations that turned us into a person that you do not expect each of us to become.  We pray that we will continuously achieve our respective goals – most particularly the plans you have for us – and that we will experience relationships where we will be deeply understood.

We also pray for those who have a family history of different sorts of abuse, of multiple addictions and vices, and for them to finally break the cycle as they turn towards you. We pray for the ones suffering from different types of addiction, from social media to drugs, and that already includes ourselves as we have experienced being addicted in some areas of our lives. We pray that you will help us realize that you are more than our own problems and addictions, and that YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THERE TO SAVE US.

With all these intentions, Lord, please hear us.

N.B. Hearing the talks from The Feast Taboo Series inspired me to share this prayer. The talk that moved me most is the second on abuse.

Prayer for Peace and Safety

Let us all give a moment of silence for those who are affected by the recent attacks in SM Southmall (Philippines), Resort’s World Manila (Philippines), Marawi (Philippines) and Manchester (UK).

Lord, we pray for safety in every corner of the world. We pray that we will be far from future dangers and natural calamities, and as for those who are affected and near the endangered places, we pray that you will keep them safe and save them from any possible harm. We pray that circumstances such as gunshots and terrorist attacks will no longer happen and that the world will find PEACE. And all these, we ask in Jesus’ name. AMEN.

Infinitely Grateful: The Feast Alabang District 8th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to the community that opened my heart to God’s life perspectives and teachings. Thank you Lord for inspiring my fellow Feasters and I with your words. Thank you for comforting us in times of pain and brokenness and for helping us cope with our daily struggles. Thank you for encouraging us to reach our respective dreams and for assuring us that you will guarantee us a good life when we trust you in your plans. Thank you for giving us talents we can use to serve you back and for using us as your instruments to invite others to your throne. Thank you for the abundant blessings we receive each day as well as for our answered prayers.

I would like to thank you God for using Bo Sanchez and the other Feast builders as your instruments to spread your word. Thank you for bringing us into the Feast community that we now consider home and for giving us the opportunity to meet friends we call family.

“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

More power to the Feast!

For more information about Feast Alabang

#StirredByGraceSE25: Looking forward to serve more

God brought me to the community where I could see myself serving for a lifetime. I was known to be one of the auxies in this year’s retreat and as a first timer, I was thankful for the opportunities to serve and to relive my moments as a 2015 candidate (cf. St. James Singles Encounter: Definitely a Fruitful Blessed Experience). The talks still touched me just like how it did in the previous years and I could see myself praying for my own intentions as well as for my family, friend, loved ones, community members and the candidates. I enjoyed watching the Bible role plays and the SE 24 performance, giving the warm welcome to the candidates now known as the baby class members of the Singles Apostolate, the Saturday Night Party as a whole and serving with my co-members. And because of these, I am now looking forward to grow in faith and service in the community. Thank you Lord for the opportunity to serve again.

“For I know well the plans I have in mind for you – oracle of the LORD – plans for your welfare and not for woe, so as to give you a future of hope. When you call me, and come and pray to me, I will listen to you. When you look for me, you will find me.” – Jeremiah 29: 11-13. 

God indeed has a plan for me to join the community two years back. I pray that He will continue to bless my co-members and me and to answer our personal intentions as much as we devote ourselves to Him.

NB. I was one of the sponsoring batch members in last year’s retreat (cf. St. James Singles Encounter: Definitely a Life-Changing Sponsorship). My batchmates and I were now called to be auxies with the former batches and our main task was to help the sponsoring members in running the retreat. Only the members of the Worship ministry were not part of the auxies team. Their tasks were to sing, play instruments and dance for the glory of God. 



New Year’s Prayer

May we have all the blessings we need for the upcoming 2017 that will include more achievements, accomplished goals, granted desires, answered prayers, love, concern and empathy towards others, forgiveness towards those who have wronged us, world peace and harmony, enjoyable experiences to live each moment with and experiences to learn from. Thank you for the past blessings!

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A Special Prayer for Christmas

Lord, I would like to thank you for all the blessings that we’ve received throughout the year. Thank you for the achievements, granted desires, self-improvements, opportunities to bless others and also for the failures, rejections, heartbreaks and other trials that served as lessons and made us stronger. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of your child Jesus and to spend our precious time with our loved ones going to church and sharing meals together. Thank you also for the material and spiritual gifts that we received in this time of the year and for keeping us safe and secure and giving us a whole year to live.

And now Lord I pray for those who are poor. I pray for those who have nothing to eat and no shelter to live and the ones who have no family to celebrate their Christmas with. I pray for the people who are far away from their families and friends, for those who are celebrating Christmas on their own and I pray for the ones who are sick during this particular holiday. Lord, I pray for more blessings to come and I lift up to you all our dreams, goals, wishes, desires, plans and expectations for the upcoming 2017. I pray for the world peace and our own safety, that no danger will come our way during holidays. And finally, I pray that 2016 will end in a blast. As I end my special Christmas prayer, I ask all of these in Jesus’s name. AMEN.


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